Well, it’s been more than a year since I last updated this site, so I thought now might be a good time to correct that.

I didn’t have much publishing news during the pandemic, but I would like to announce now that my second novel, ROCK ‘N’ ROLL, originally published by Gallows Press in 2013, is now available from Crossroads Press (who also reiussed my novel HARD a few years ago).

This means not only a brand new cover (thanks, David Dodd!), but a new ending as well (the one I prefer over the one that was published in 2013). Currently, it’s available for electronic reading (Kindle, etc.), but the paperback edition should also be coming out soon.

Over the years, some people have told me this is their favorite of my novels, so I’m psyched to see it get a second chance at life.

Here’s just some of the places you can get it now:

For Amazon Kindle, go here.

For Barnes and Noble, go here.

For Smashwords, go here.

For Google Play, go here.

For Kobo, go here.


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