Instead of posting a new movie review on my blog this week, I’m going to recommend you check you a new movie review site called FILM HORDE. It was launched by my friend and fellow writer (and movie fanatic) Nick Cato, and will feature many of the writers who used to write reviews/columns for my old site CINEMA KNIFE FIGHT.

My new monthly column there will be called “Burning Fingers Wrapped in Gold,” and the first installment is up now – a review of the 1984 Australian monster movie, RAZORBACK. My article was the first one to be posted on the site, and I’m honored.

I’ll still be posting reviews here weekly (or semi-weekly), as well as writing the monthly column for FILM HORDE.

My friend Jenny Orosel also has a new column up on the site as well, about the early films of director Don Coscarelli, that you should check out as well.

Thank you.